Our Story

      Maureen is passionate about her musical journey with an instrument that brings healing and restoration. Brought up in a musical family, her love for music began at a young age. It was in a time of rest and healing that her lifelong desire to play the harp came to be. Maureen is a self taught harpist who's original compositions, predominantly uninfluenced by others, are drawn from deep within.
       Harp music is healing and restorative.  The harp's vibrations penetrate body tissues at a cellular level to facilitate healing. Maureen tunes her harp up to A=444 C=528 frequency for an opportunity for even greater healing of the spirit, soul and body. It is believed that King David tuned his instruments in these same frequencies. His harp-playing calmed King Saul's troubled soul. The harp was also used to release the prophetic word. When we listen to the music in the old solfeggio frequencies an increase of healing, and defence against disease is released. Science has proven that the "528 mi" frequency repairs broken DNA.
      " Life is too short to live out of tune."   " Stand in the ways and see. Ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls."        
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