Welcome friends, to our world, our sound, and of course our new website.
        Maureen Clarke is a harpist and composer, with a heart-filled passion to bring healing and restoration through her songs. Don Clarke, her husband and co-conspirator in this project has been expressing his musicality since the womb. His vocals, guitar, keys, percussion and anything else that needs playin', as well as song-writing, complete the Avadim mix.
       We currently have three albums available "Rise UP" and "The Way Home" as well as a  third one," The Frequency of Life". All three albums have been engineered, mixed and mastered by Jesse Clarke, our son and fellow musician. Those are his fat and funky baselines and percussion on "the way home" album.      
       The harp is one of the oldest instruments in history. It has long been known that harp music calms the spirit, soul and body. The harp's vibrations penetrate body tissues at the cellular level to facilitate healing. To increase this powerful healing, our songs are written and recorded in  the ancient solfeggio scale, 444 hz which produces  C = 528 hz. That is the frequency that scientists use to repair DNA. It brings the strands that have been separated back to their helix  formation. It is believed that this is the frequency that life was created in, as the Creator sang and /or spoke everything into existence. This is the frequency of life. When we listen to these tones, the music has a healing effect for our body, soul and spirit as well as our environment. May these unique melodies support you in a cradle of calming therapeutic sound.
       It is our hope and prayer that you will be encouraged and strengthened by this music. Enjoy the journey,... Don and Maureen...Avadim

a new era 

We have finally made the jump to light-speed and actually have our own website. .We now have three albums,... Rise Up...The Way Home...The Frequency Of Life.

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